Uses for Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus oil is an excellent addition to your basic store of medical and household products! (Avoid close quarters during pregnancy,as with all essential oils)
1. Inhalation for blocked respiratory/sinusitis problems : 3-5 drops on a heat source such as radiator or light-bulb (just prior to switching on).
Alternatively,add 3-5 drops to bowl of hot water and leave in a safe place. (Ideal for overnight usage).
Reduce amount in a child’s room and keep out of child’s sight and reach!
2. Add 3-5 drops to 5 mls.(1teasp.) vegetable oil for massage into sore,aching muscles. Ideally add same no.of drops of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils.
3. Pour one drop,neat,on a difficult grease stain,on any fabric before washing.
DO remember koala bears get ‘stoned’ eating the leaves of the eucalyptus tree,so inhale in reasonable moderation!

Simple skin moisturiser

Buy 1 Kilo Silcock’s Base,c.€5.
Decant some into a handy-sized (maybe 200 gm) tightly-lidded jar/container.
Add few mls.almond/wheatgerm/jojoba oils.Blend well.
Add small amount zinc,(2 grms),which helps SPF.
Finally,10-20 drops of one,or a blend of favourite 3 essential oils.
Ensure one is tea-tree,which prevents and treats spots,infections,blemishes.
Lavender’s good for encouraging skin re-growth.
Frankincense for over 40’s!

Hair vermin

Watching advertisements for eradicating head lice and nits,their eggs-a reminder of back-to-school time. So many products,full of chemicals and rarely cure the problem.
Here’s one I’ve tried and tested many times-it’s natural and it works!
Mix 20 drops good quality Rosemary essential oil in 50 mls.of olive oil.
(You can add a few drops of patchouli oil as well but not necessary).
Massage the olive oil/rosemary oil blend into the whole family’s hair (to prevent re-infection),leave overnight. Wash out next morning and you have clean hair.
The olive oil helps the nits to slide off the hair.
You can also do in the morning and wash out before bedtime instead. If doing overnight,protect bedlinen from oil by placing a towel on the pillow.
N.B. Use essential oils for external use only and store in cool darkness out of sight and reach of children.
If you’re not sure which brand of essential oil to use,may I recommend Atlantic Aromatic,available in most health shops. I find the brand to be 100% pure and use that brand oil all the time. This is,of course,my personal choice.
Expect to pay approximately €8.00 for 10 mls. Rosemary oil.

Skin & Nail Care

For fungal nail infections & Athlete’s Foot : wash area,dry carefully,apply 1 drop of good Tea-tree essential oil directly to infected area at least once daily.

Cold sores : apply one drop tea-tree oil at first sign of sore and repeat until sore(s) have healed. Cover with Vaseline to protect from sunlight. Moisturise area with Silcock’s Base as old layers of skin dry and loosen.

Fungal nail infection & Athlete’s Foot infection : Treat as above but continue to repeat treatment on regular basis-fungi will re-occur as they are dormant in the body.